Visiting The City of Love (Paris)

Known as the city of lights and also as the city of love, Paris has a charm to it that just makes you almost wish you could drop everything, learn french and become a Parisian. Paris left me with my head in the clouds. My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Paris after I had mentioned to him (awhile back) that Paris was a city that I would one day love to visit. Low and behold, on my 25th birthday, I found out that a trip had been booked for us. This was most certainly the most elaborate surprise I had ever received and it truly meant so much.

We went for a long weekend (Friday till Monday) which was enough time for us to do all that we wanted to do. After our short flight, we arrived at Paris de Gaulle Airport on Friday afternoon and headed straight to our hotel in the Gothic part of the city. Despite, being 1hr 30 mins away (by plane that is), we did not escape the gloomy weather we thought we had left in London. It started to rain and used that as an opportunity to have a quick nap before our dinner reservations later on.

I found ‘La Maison de Verlaine’ on trip adviser and it surely did not disappoint! From the decor & music to the three course meal we devoured, everything was amazing. This place was a 7 min walk from our hotel and was probably the best restaurant we went to on this trip!  It was quite cozy and not very busy when we went but it felt like we had stumbled upon a gem.


That evening, we later took a cab to ‘The Experimental Cocktail Club’ which had been recommended on a few blogs. It certainly held true to its name as we tried some very interesting concoctions. It was quite a small bar and was dimly lit but it did have a nice vibe to it. We had a few drinks and then decided to leave. After we left, we stumbled upon a random bar a few doors down purely because we could hear hip hop and we were intrigued. It was pretty empty but we at least stayed for one drink (by we, I mean Nnamdi had one drink as the lightweight that I am meant that the wine from dinner & the one cocktail from the previous bar had gotten to my head by that point!).

The next morning, we were on the hunt to find somewhere to have breakfast. This proved to be slightly difficult but we decided to settle for a crepe/pancake place nearby.

Since our bellies were now full, we were ready to take on the day of sightseeing we had planned and we headed to the Notre Dame which was a short walk away.

After we finished at the Notre Dame, we took the subway to the Louvre. As we are European and under 25, we were able to get in for free. My only disappointment about the Louvre was that we found that everything was in French as I quite like to read the information provided about the different pieces. Nnamdi on the other hand, used that as an opportunity to challenge his French and he became my personal translator! lol.

One thing I love about Nnamdi is that he is great at planning things (he would probably disagree with me, but he is). I can always trust that if I haven’t planned things, he will have things sorted. There have been so many instances but on this occasion,  I wanted to book our tickets for the Eiffel tower a few days before our trip to ensure we did not have to queue but I was disappointed to find out that there were no more tickets available until the next month. I messaged Nnamdi and told him about this and 5 mins later he asks me about what time I wanted to go. I tell him that i’d love to go around sunset because It would be pretty and then 10 mins later he sends me a screenshot with the tickets. I was so shocked but I was pretty certain there were no tickets available for the next few weeks but somehow he managed to grab us tickets for a tour.

We met the tour group at the designated meeting point and we went on with the tour which included learning about the history of the Eiffel and of Paris which was quite a nice addition.


The next day, spontaneously, we headed to Disneyland Paris which I was super excited about! I love theme parks and I had wanted to visit Disneyland Paris since I was a child! After indulging in a big English Breakfast (sorry no photos!) we took the train to Disneyland. We first went to Walt Disney Studios  and went on a few rides and then headed to the main park where we spent the rest of our day. We went to a European style buffet, saw the main parade, rode on space mountain twice  and saw the closing fireworks display which was truly magical!


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One thing on my Paris to-do list was to visit a Patisserie and to try some really good Macarons (I mean I was in Paris so I just had to) but it was something I had not yet crossed off my list. So the next day, after checking out of our hotel, Nnamdi ordered us a cab and didn’t tell me where we heading (honestly, he’s the best!) and took me to Pierre Herme which he had found online.

The Macarons were truly amazing! If you are ever in Paris, I would recommend visiting this place.

After a quick breakfast at a cafe round the corner from Pierre Herme, we headed to Arc de Triomphe which was one of the things we still wanted to do. We take lots of pictures outside and then went down to go in. At this point I saw a bit of a queue I was saying to Nnamdi that we don’t have to go to the top then he says he has to go outside and sort of disappears, which I thought was strange. I was sitting there waiting, thinking it would be nice but at that point I had had such an amazing time already and I wasn’t too bothered if we didn’t go up.

Five minutes later, he returns and says that we have to go upstairs and I’m slightly unsure about why as we had not purchased any tickets at this point. As we proceed to go through the entrance, he then whips out his phone and shows them our tickets. Once again, I was so confused! When had he done this!? He later tells me that purchased the tickets earlier that morning. At that moment, I was so appreciative because he had truly thought about everything and had done everything he could to ensure I enjoyed every aspect of the trip.

Lastly, we headed to Trocadero to take a few classic pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower.



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I had an amazing time during our stay in Paris and felt like the luckiest girl in the world. It surely will be a trip i’ll never forget!

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