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Brunch With Friends at The Table Cafe

With everyone on holiday around the Christmas/NY period, I always find that it’s the perfect time to catch up with friends. I decided to meet up with two of my university friends for brunch and before we knew it, we found ourselves heading to oxford street to catch the sales and then ending the evening with dessert at Bills.

I suggested trying out ‘The Table Cafe‘ for brunch as I had visited before with a few of my colleagues before a client meeting. My last impression was good and I knew it was somewhere I wanted to visit again. The cafe was reasonably busy when we arrived but the service was still good and we were served straight away. Since it’s the holidays, we ordered from the brunch menu and we were honestly spoilt for choice. Everything sounded so good!

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The Good Egg Restuarant

Saturday Brunch at The Good Egg

Everyone knows that I’m always appreciative of other cities but my own. London is where I currently reside and most likely will reside for at least the next few years and so subsequently, I have been making more of a conscious effort to appreciate all that it has to offer. Those that move to London always seem to rave about how amazing it is, so I’m on a quest to view London from the eyes of a foreigner.

So yesterday, I took Nnamdi to a quirky brunch spot in Stoke Newington. The Good Egg.

I was looking for somewhere that was somewhat “local” and found it on the Dojo app. Upon arrival, we noticed that a sign was posted outside for people to wait. A small queue had also formed to be seated. Whilst we were waiting, a man who had arrived before us began speaking to us and he recommended a dish for us to try (and which I later decided to order).

Inside, the restaurant was small enough for it to be cosy but without it being too cramped. Seeing as it was a Saturday afternoon, it was bustling with people and so this meant that the service was a little slow. Our server were extremely friendly, however we weren’t too happy when a couple that arrived after us were asked for their orders before us. Our side order also was forgotten sadly.

Food In Restuarant

The menu had a middle eastern twist to it so the food options were very unique and was not your typical brunch menu. Nnamdi ordered the Montreal smoked Hash (shown above) whilst I ordered the recommended and classic dish, the Shakshuka (show below).

Food In Restuarant

Overall, it was a lovely place to try out (despite the service) and I’m looking forward to trying out some more places!

Have you found any brunch spots in London that you would recommend?