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Girls Trip To Rome & Our Airbnb Disaster Experience!

Earlier this year, I went on a trip with two of my girlfriends over the Easter period. The plan was to initially visit Lisbon with my friend Naidene (a fellow globe-trotter!), but I decided to add a few more days of annual leave and another country! I mean why not?! After a few days of deal hunting, Naidene and I decided to also head to Rome. Fast forward a few weeks, I found out that another friend of ours (Toni) decided to join us on the first leg of the trip.

Since Toni booked her tickets separately from us, she ended up leaving London on a different flight (which actually worked in her favour in the end). Our flight had delays which meant that she arrived before us. After meeting up, we hopped into a cab that we shared with another British guy (he was visiting his italian girlfriend) to our Airbnb apartment that we rented for our stay. We met up with the couple our Airbnb host sent to give us the keys to the apartment. The place was quite old but spacious – nothing fancy. Continue Reading