Solo Travel in Thailand! – Krabi

So carrying on from where I left off, Krabi was my next stop. Checking out was smooth, but I met an old British man who insisted on walking me to the bus stop. As a novice solo traveller, I was still quite weary as he offered to carry my back pack. I politely declined and off we went to the bus stop as he told me about how he found himself living in the south of France with his wife. He also insisted that I visit a few places in Chiang Mi. I boarded the bus to the bus terminal where I met sisters from America that were couch surfing. Couch surfing was something I had heard about but I was surprised that people actually had the guts to do it. Females especially!

I finally arrived at the bus station and were I found different bus companies all competing for my attention. After comparing prices and what they had to offer, I finally decided on the bus that offered WiFi, air con & and supposedly a shorter journey duration. After boarding the bus, I was quite impressed with the space offered between seats. The décor, not so much.


I arrived in Krabi and took a White Songthaew from the bus station to my hostel on the longest trip ever! So many people squeezed themselves onto this bus! Both old and young jumped onto the back and held on.



I arrived at my hostel and It was refreshing after the last place I stayed. Glur Hostel Aoanang was surrounded by greenery. It was so refreshing and the backdrop was stunning!


Lounge Area with Kitchen, books, hammocks and a ping pong table

Lounge Area with Kitchen, books, hammocks and a ping pong table

My Bunk

My Bunk

Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool that I never used

After settling into my bunk and meeting another solo traveller I decided to explore the area and get something to eat that evening. Krabi certainly had a different feel to it. I must say that Thai people know how to hustle! Walking down the main road, I was approached by both men and women that tried to offer me a massage or food in their restaurant. I decided to continue walking down to the beach strip and I decided to treat myself  to dinner at a slightly pricey restaurant on the beach front.


After treating myself to a massage that evening on the beach and called it a night.

The next morning, after breakfast, I met two guys from India. We realised that we were all planning to visit the tiger caves and they asked me to come along with them. They told me they had hired bikes and they had a spare seat. I was happy as I was actually unsure about how I was going to get there. It then hit me that I was about ride on a scooter with a stranger and that it maybe was not the smartest idea. I didn’t want to be one of those Brits that felt like they were untouchable on holiday. I then asked the guy if he had any experience riding one of these things before. Thankfully, he was pretty much a pro. Two other girls and another guy joined us and we went on our way!


It was a really lovely ride and he went slow because he knew I was a little worried. We arrived at Tiger after a few wrong turns but I’m not sure I was completely prepared for the 1,237 steps that were ahead of us! It was hard! The steps were very steep. Unfortunately, one of the girls couldn’t go any further and decided to head back down.



There were monkeys everywhere but I was too scared to get any closer in fear that they may bite me.


Checking out his ass!


It was so worth it when we reached the top as the views were breathtaking!



After heading back to the hostel, I bumped into my room mate who is a professional scuba diver from Singapore. We had drinks with her Scuba diver friend from Belgium before heading to dinner. We ordered so much food! Although we  were able to try different dishes, I was so stuffed and needed my bed!


The next day, after a big breakfast that consisted of fish and fried rice (I know!) at a local restaurant, we headed to Railay beach which was only accessible by long tail boats which we took from Aonang beach. The journey was pretty smooth and took a round 15 mins.



I had told my room mate about my first experience snorkelling and that I was keen to learn properly. She offered to help me so I rented out fins and a mask. We headed out into the sea and she showed me out to correctly snorkel. It was such a good experience and there I decided that the next time I went back I would take a scuba diving course! I loved being in the water and observing life underwater.


After heading back to Aonang, I decided to watch the sunset.

Whilst walking past a ladyboy, she asked if wanted to take a picture. Little did I know that she was expecting money for it! Unfortunately for her, I wasn’t going to give her money, so I told her that I would just delete it but she told me to just go whilst giving me a dirty look. Eek!


Overall, I had an enjoyable time in Krabi. I felt like I have some amazing memories there and the next time I do go back to Thailand, I plan on going there. My time at Glur hostel was good but I’m not sure I would recommend it just because of the amount of mosquito bites I received. I didn’t really sleep well just because of how uncomfortable the bugs made me feel.  Other people complained about the same problem. Apart from that, everything else was decent.

Stayed tuned for my next post on the next leg of my trip – Chiang Mai!

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