Long Weekend in Copenhagen

I started off this year with the intention of travelling more. Unfortunately, moving out last year meant that finances didn’t allow me to travel as much as I would have liked but now that I’m back home it means I can travel a little bit more. During the January sale, I managed to snag up really cheap tickets to Copenhagen (£33 return! – What a bargain!). I decided to travel solo for a long weekend as it would be something nice to look forward to.

I arrived in Copenhagen and was met by extremely gloomy weather. Additionally, it was freezing which wasn’t encouraging. I stayed at the ‘Urban House’ hostel which I must say was very impressive. It was very clean and the beds were really comfortable. I didn’t really use much of the facilities aside from the bike rental but overall it was a very nice hostel. The staff were very friendly and quite helpful but I did find it quite difficult to meet new people. That could have been down to the people in my dorm. I tried speaking to a Korean girl who slept in the bunk above mine but she was not very interested in chatting (despite my cringing efforts of speaking in Korean to her – ah well!).





Check in was very easy as the hostel sent me the code I needed to enter my room prior to my arrival. As I arrived earlier than check in (which was at 3pm), I hung around the downstairs area before I noticed everyone heading to their rooms. I was quite tired from the journey but I decided to make the most of the day so I headed straight back out with my map in hand.

I walked around the streets of central Copenhagen whilst taking in my surroundings. I managed to take a few wrong turns but in the end stumbled across a few nice areas.

Central Station



The Best Chicken Burger in the world

This was probably the best burger I’ve ever had!

The next day, I decided to hire a bike and tour the city on wheels. Copenhagen is quite cyclist friendly so I was quite keen to hop on a bike. Copenhagens bikes are quite cool as they all have a lock system that’s attached to the bike which locks your wheels. This means you never really have to worry about carrying the lock around. Smart right?However, it only really works there because its a very safe city. This would never fly over here in London!

After a lovely buffet breakfast with a selection of cheeses, ham and pastries, I decided to head over to a few tourist spots. As Copenhagen has dedicated cycling lanes, this meant I was able to safely stop over to look at my map to figure out where the hell I was. I love getting lost and finding my way around a new environment so it was quite an enjoyable experience but I’m sure it’s not for everyone. There was a free walking tour that leaves the hostel at 10 am everyday so if you prefer touring on foot that’s always a really good option and you’re also are able to learn about the city’s history.

My first stop was Christiansborg palace which is the seat of the Danish Parliament, the Danish Prime minister and Supreme court of Denmark. I didn’t realise that it was free to climb up the tower which offers very nice views over the city. I would recommend this for anyone visiting!

My next stop was Rosenborg castle and gardens.  Unfortunately, I spent so long taking pictures and admiring the gardens that when I decided to go into the castle, the guard closed the gates in front of me! Let’s just say that I was not very happy. For anyone planning on visiting, be aware of the closing times!


Towards the evening I decided to head over to Copenhagen’s Freetown, Christiania. Christiana is a town occupied by hippies with an alternative way of life. It has its own flag and even set of rules that you must abide to. If cannabis is something you’re into this is certainly the place to go. There are quite a few cannabis stalls in an area called ‘pusher street’. I personally tried to not breathe in too much of the weed polluted air as I was really not trying to get high that day.

Beyond the weed area, Christiania is actually quite pretty. You can find music venues, cafes, organic food and some really cool architecture. I believe the houses are  built by members of the community using nearby resources. It’s truly a unique area and certainly worth a stroll. I didn’t take many pictures as a man warned me to put my camera away, so out of fear I kept my camera safely away in my bag and took a few snaps on my phone.

That’s it for my short weekend trip to Copenhagen. It was a much needed little break away from the busyness of my life. I left feeling refreshed and revitalised, ready to face life again.

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