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A few months ago, I decided to travel to the USA to visit a friend (who I met in South Korea) in Florida and my cousin who had recently relocated to New York. Unfortunately, my trip to Florida was cut short by two days due to Hurricane Matthew but it meant that I gained an 2 extra days in New York. Most days I explored the city alone and on the other days/a few evenings, my cousin showed me local spots around Harlem.

I wanted to share a few things I would recommend whilst exploring New York as it was a city that I immediately fell in love with and still hold quite close to my heart!

Here are 7 things you must experience when visiting New York:

1.Central Park

Oh the famous Central park! Central Park is absolutely enormous so I would recommend hiring a bike for a few hours. I used a company called Central Park Bike Rentals which were reasonable priced and quite close to Columbus Circle (the station I would recommend travelling to).

Having a bike meant that I was able to see the quite a few of the parks attractions such as the Alice in Wonderland statue & Belvedere Castle.
Central Park Central Park

2. Times Square

You can’t go to New York without visiting the most busiest square in the world!

Times square is somewhere you’ll probably want to visit once during your trip just because of how congested it is but it’s certainly a place you need to experience. It won’t be just the billboards that capture your attention, the numerous street entertainers will too. For example, the women with nothing but spray paint covering their privates! It may be worth either sitting on the steps or one of the chairs provided to just to take the craziness of it all in.
Times Square Times Square Times Square Times Square

3. Visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you love culture and art you must visit The Met. It’s as simple as that.

I had planned to stay for 1/2 hours and ended up wandering around the museum for 4 hours. The Met is the largest art museum in America and houses artwork from all areas of the world. Honestly, just go. Make sure you allocate a sufficient amount of time as the museum is quite large and if you have even extra time, try to visit the rooftop bar as it provides an incredible view of the city’s skyline.

The Met Museum The Met MuseumThe Met Museum The Met Museum The Met Museum The Met Museum Skyline

4. Visit a local Jazz Bar

My cousin took me to a local Jazz bar called ‘Mintons’ where you can order a drink, grab a seat and take in the beautiful sounds created from some of the local jazz musicians.


5. Go for Saturday Brunch

I was made aware that Saturday brunch is a regular affair for New Yorkers (who are prepared to wait in long queues to get a table as some of the most popular brunch spots).

We arrived at Jacobs pickles around 10:30am and best believe there was already a queue! Thankfully, because we were a little early, we managed to get a table within 10-15 mins of waiting. If you were wondering, the food was absolutely delicious and the food portions were HUGE (as usual for America!).

Jacobs Pickels Food Food

6. Pay Respects at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum

I remember the day the 9/11 attack occurred so vividly as a child, so I made sure to visit and pay my respects at the memorial site and museum. If I am honest, it was a very sad experience and my heart was very heavy as I re-lived the events of the day. It certainly made me appreciate life so much more.

Twin Towers Twin TowersTwin Towers Twin Towers

7. If you haven’t already, visit Brooklyn

I stayed in Harlem during my time in New York, but I had heard so much about Brooklyn. I was told to see Brooklyn bridge, Dumbo and to stroll through Brooklyn heights. I didn’t quite make it to Dumbo but I did see the bridge and I got a feel of Brooklyn heights.

I didn’t spend to long in Brooklyn especially as a girl I spoke to pretty much said that there wasn’t much to do there, so I headed to back to Manhattan for the rest of the day

Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Brooklyn

Those are my recommended things to do in New York based on my first trip to the city. I did try to visit the High Line but it started raining.

Are there other things you would recommend to do in New York? Does anyone else wish they could just move there?

Until next time!


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  • Reply TV Series Junkie June 9, 2018 at 1:07 pm

    As a New Yorker, I found myself nodding in agreement to all of this!

    So many great tips and pointers.

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