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Many people don’t realise that often multi-trip destinations work out to be cheaper than flying directly to one destination. I realised this when looking for flights after deciding to leave South Korea. In the end, I flew out to Japan for 3 days before venturing back home and saved around £100! My boyfriend and I decided to do the same thing and we managed to find flights to Dubai and Bali for a bargain!

This trip was brought feelings of both excitement and nervousness. Mostly because I was travelling back to Asia after 2 years but also because I was travelling long haul with my boyfriend. It was the first time we would be spending 2 weeks together. Seeing each other everyday. Just the two of us. Constantly in each other’s space. 

You have to admit, you can’t travel with just anyone. Travelling somehow brings out both the best and worst in a person. It’s almost like you can’t hide those parts of yourselves that you can often conceal on a normal day. Subsequently the thought of going on holiday together brought about thoughts such as “what if we get bored of each other?” or “what if we have lot’s of arguments?” or “what if we want to do different thing?”. In hindsight, I can certainly say that I had nothing to worry about and we learn’t so much about ourselves from the trip.

Day 1

We got some much needed rest at our amazing 5* hotel (Sofitel Jumeriah Beach), ventured to the beach, sipped cocktails by the pool and explored the Marina in the evening.

Day 2

The next day, we headed to the Alfahadi Historical Neighbourhood to explore the old town. This area is full of quirky museums, shops , artwork & market stalls. My advice when visiting would be to just be cautious and to not appear too interested as they will hassle you until you buy something. We learn’t the hard way when Nnamdi took up a man’s offer to try on some scarves as we ended up being kept hostage in a shop. It was ridiculous.

After venturing to the Gold Souk Market, we headed to the Dubai Mall. Not so much for shopping, but to visit the aquarium and Burj Kalifa.

Day 3

We went on a desert safari for the day. Included in this day trip was dune bashing, a camel ride, belly dancing and fire show.

Day 4

We had intended to visit Abu Dhabi for the day, but we were too tired and ended up just relaxing on the beach and later enjoyed the hotel facilities as it’s not every holiday we treat ourselves to a 5* hotel!

That’s it folks. Hope you enjoyed the little snippet of our time in Dubai.

How was your first long haul trip with your partner? Experience any challenges? Where did you go? Comment below!

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  • Reply TUMI December 21, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    Love! first trip with a significant other is one of the biggest tests. Mine was to Egypt. Like you, we survived! Great photos.

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