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Mulled Wine, Good Food & Laughter: Christmas Day

Christmas for me symbolises so much love, joy and some damn good food! It’s the time when loved ones come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as well as each other through the giving of gifts and quality time. It’s a time to be merry and a time for laughter.

Christmas for my family is usually a small affair since the the majority of our immediate relatives reside abroad (essentially, Nigeria, America & Germany). This means that every year it has just been my parents, sisters and I. Despite this, it has always been a special time. This year probably even more so with both of my sisters visiting from university.

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Happy New Year – I’m Back!

Happy New Year!

I’ll just go ahead and first start off with an apology for neglecting this blog.

If I’m honest, after moving back home from South Korea, life eventually just got in the way. The excitement I once had to write blog posts was no longer there.  I found myself back in the ‘real world’ and it was just not quite as adventurous as the life I was previously living in South Korea. I fortunate enough to have found a job in the field I was pursuing relatively quickly (two weeks after I arrived – yes, I know, I was pretty eager!) and I moved out of my parents house a few weeks after that. It seemed like life was going in the right direction but I just couldn’t help but feel like I was struggling to fit back in to the life I once lived.  Continue Reading