About Me

Hi, I’m Pamela.

I’m Nigerian. Although I was born in Germany and raised in London. So technically I’m a British Nigerian. I graduated in 2013 with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and then taught as an English Teacher at two South Korean public schools under EPIK (English Program In Korea). I have travelled to quite a few countries so far and I am still counting!

You could say that growing up within two cultures (British and Nigerian) was the spring board for my desire to explore and experience other cultures. Or perhaps it was the fact that I was born in Germany and I found myself travelling back and forth from the UK whilst my parents lived in different countries.

Who knows? Either way, I eventually became a young girl fixated to the travel channel, thinking about all the places I would one day visit.

Fast forward a few years, the opportunity to work as a Camp Counsellor in America came up while I was in University and I grabbed it with both hands! During the summer holidays after my first year, I went to to work at Camp Allen, a special needs camp in Bedford, New Hampshire for 3 months. It was intense (due to the nature of my role) but life changing. I gained a new confidence, inspiration and it allowed me to travel to other states.

After returning back to the UK, I heard about teaching abroad from a friend during my final year and later stumbled upon EPIK but after a not so great final interview with a really horrible program director in Hong Kong (she didn’t even give me a chance), I lost my confidence and didn’t apply for the EPIK summer intake. After months of working in retail jobs, I made the decision to go after what was really on my heart. I applied to EPIK, got accepted, left Liverpool and moved back home in the space of a month!

Since then I have travelled around South Korea, cycled around the streets of Malaysia, walked below the skyscrapers of Singapore and eaten mango with sticky rice whilst walking in one of the many bustling markets of Thailand. Living and working abroad has helped me not only learn and understand the world around me, but about who I am and what I am capable of.

I want to share my passion for travel, a few things that I’ve learnt and hopefully inspire you to buy a ticket and go!


Pamela (The African Abroad)