First Long Haul With My Boyfriend | Dubai Adventures

Many people don’t realise that often multi-trip destinations work out to be cheaper than flying directly to one destination. I realised this when looking for flights after deciding to leave South Korea. In the end, I flew out to Japan for 3 days before venturing back home and saved around £100! My boyfriend and I decided to do the same thing and we managed to find flights to Dubai and Bali for a bargain!

This trip was brought feelings of both excitement and nervousness. Mostly because I was travelling back to Asia after 2 years but also because I was travelling long haul with my boyfriend. It was the first time we would be spending 2 weeks together. Seeing each other everyday. Just the two of us. Constantly in each other’s space.  Continue Reading


Exploring New York | Things To Do

A few months ago, I decided to travel to the USA to visit a friend (who I met in South Korea) in Florida and my cousin who had recently relocated to New York. Unfortunately, my trip to Florida was cut short by two days due to Hurricane Matthew but it meant that I gained an 2 extra days in New York. Most days I explored the city alone and on the other days/a few evenings, my cousin showed me local spots around Harlem.

I wanted to share a few things I would recommend whilst exploring New York as it was a city that I immediately fell in love with and still hold quite close to my heart!

Here are 7 things you must experience when visiting New York:

1.Central Park

Oh the famous Central park! Central Park is absolutely enormous so I would recommend hiring a bike for a few hours. I used a company called Central Park Bike Rentals which were reasonable priced and quite close to Columbus Circle (the station I would recommend travelling to).

Having a bike meant that I was able to see the quite a few of the parks attractions such as the Alice in Wonderland statue & Belvedere Castle.
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5 Things I loved about Lisbon!

Following on from our stay in Rome and horrendous Airbnb experience, Naidene and I continued onto the next leg of our trip, Lisbon. We were greeted with sunshine and palm trees upon our arrival which made me happy (if anyone knows me, they know that I love sun!). This time round we stayed at the Holiday Inn so we did not have anything to worry about in terms of accommodation. I’m sure Airbnb options would be amazing though!

I have so many photos from this trip, but I thought I would highlight my experience with the 5 things I loved about Lisbon. Continue Reading


Brunch With Friends at The Table Cafe

With everyone on holiday around the Christmas/NY period, I always find that it’s the perfect time to catch up with friends. I decided to meet up with two of my university friends for brunch and before we knew it, we found ourselves heading to oxford street to catch the sales and then ending the evening with dessert at Bills.

I suggested trying out ‘The Table Cafe‘ for brunch as I had visited before with a few of my colleagues before a client meeting. My last impression was good and I knew it was somewhere I wanted to visit again. The cafe was reasonably busy when we arrived but the service was still good and we were served straight away. Since it’s the holidays, we ordered from the brunch menu and we were honestly spoilt for choice. Everything sounded so good!

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Mulled Wine, Good Food & Laughter: Christmas Day

Christmas for me symbolises so much love, joy and some damn good food! It’s the time when loved ones come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as well as each other through the giving of gifts and quality time. It’s a time to be merry and a time for laughter.

Christmas for my family is usually a small affair since the the majority of our immediate relatives reside abroad (essentially, Nigeria, America & Germany). This means that every year it has just been my parents, sisters and I. Despite this, it has always been a special time. This year probably even more so with both of my sisters visiting from university.

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The Good Egg Restuarant

Saturday Brunch at The Good Egg

Everyone knows that I’m always appreciative of other cities but my own. London is where I currently reside and most likely will reside for at least the next few years and so subsequently, I have been making more of a conscious effort to appreciate all that it has to offer. Those that move to London always seem to rave about how amazing it is, so I’m on a quest to view London from the eyes of a foreigner.

So yesterday, I took Nnamdi to a quirky brunch spot in Stoke Newington. The Good Egg.

I was looking for somewhere that was somewhat “local” and found it on the Dojo app. Upon arrival, we noticed that a sign was posted outside for people to wait. A small queue had also formed to be seated. Whilst we were waiting, a man who had arrived before us began speaking to us and he recommended a dish for us to try (and which I later decided to order).

Inside, the restaurant was small enough for it to be cosy but without it being too cramped. Seeing as it was a Saturday afternoon, it was bustling with people and so this meant that the service was a little slow. Our server were extremely friendly, however we weren’t too happy when a couple that arrived after us were asked for their orders before us. Our side order also was forgotten sadly.

Food In Restuarant

The menu had a middle eastern twist to it so the food options were very unique and was not your typical brunch menu. Nnamdi ordered the Montreal smoked Hash (shown above) whilst I ordered the recommended and classic dish, the Shakshuka (show below).

Food In Restuarant

Overall, it was a lovely place to try out (despite the service) and I’m looking forward to trying out some more places!

Have you found any brunch spots in London that you would recommend?



Girls Trip To Rome & Our Airbnb Disaster Experience!

Earlier this year, I went on a trip with two of my girlfriends over the Easter period. The plan was to initially visit Lisbon with my friend Naidene (a fellow globe-trotter!), but I decided to add a few more days of annual leave and another country! I mean why not?! After a few days of deal hunting, Naidene and I decided to also head to Rome. Fast forward a few weeks, I found out that another friend of ours (Toni) decided to join us on the first leg of the trip.

Since Toni booked her tickets separately from us, she ended up leaving London on a different flight (which actually worked in her favour in the end). Our flight had delays which meant that she arrived before us. After meeting up, we hopped into a cab that we shared with another British guy (he was visiting his italian girlfriend) to our Airbnb apartment that we rented for our stay. We met up with the couple our Airbnb host sent to give us the keys to the apartment. The place was quite old but spacious – nothing fancy. Continue Reading

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Travelling solo? 5 Tips Before You Leave

People often share their desire of travelling solo with me and I always get so excited for them because I know how amazing it can be. Travelling with friends and loved ones is great as you can share memories, but you may find yourself in a predicament where you want to travel and but you have no one to go with! Or even simply, you want to have different travel experience that is based solely on your interests. I found solo travel to be freeing and allowed me to meet people & experience things that I may not necessarily have had the opportunity to have if I was travelling with someone else.

My solo travel experience began whilst I was living in South Korea. During my first vacation, I travelled to Malaysia and Singapore with a friend, however when winter vacation came round, I knew I would be moving back home and Thailand was one of the places I had always wanted to visit. My friends all had different ideas for their winter vacation so I knew that this meant I had to go alone! You can read more about my trip to Thailand here. Since then, I have travelled to Japan, Busan, South Korea and Copenhagen alone. Continue Reading


Visiting The City of Love (Paris)

Known as the city of lights and also as the city of love, Paris has a charm to it that just makes you almost wish you could drop everything, learn french and become a Parisian. Paris left me with my head in the clouds. My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Paris after I had mentioned to him (awhile back) that Paris was a city that I would one day love to visit. Low and behold, on my 25th birthday, I found out that a trip had been booked for us. This was most certainly the most elaborate surprise I had ever received and it truly meant so much. Continue Reading


Long Weekend in Copenhagen

I started off this year with the intention of travelling more. Unfortunately, moving out last year meant that finances didn’t allow me to travel as much as I would have liked but now that I’m back home it means I can travel a little bit more. During the January sale, I managed to snag up really cheap tickets to Copenhagen (£33 return! – What a bargain!). I decided to travel solo for a long weekend as it would be something nice to look forward to.

I arrived in Copenhagen and was met by extremely gloomy weather. Additionally, it was freezing which wasn’t encouraging. I stayed at the ‘Urban House’ hostel which I must say was very impressive. It was very clean and the beds were really comfortable. I didn’t really use much of the facilities aside from the bike rental but overall it was a very nice hostel. The staff were very friendly and quite helpful but I did find it quite difficult to meet new people. That could have been down to the people in my dorm. I tried speaking to a Korean girl who slept in the bunk above mine but she was not very interested in chatting (despite my cringing efforts of speaking in Korean to her – ah well!).

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